July 11, 2012

Ball Cutters - Ultimate Man Castration

Have you ever wonder why the Pacus are notorious as “Ball Cutters”? The only reason for the given name is the fish has been reported biting off the testicles of fishermen and men!

Pacus have teeth resemble human’s teeth, meaning that their teeth are supposedly made for crushing. The fish originated from rivers and streams in Amazon, and have been recently introduced to river systems of Papua New Guinea where the cases of man-castration have been reported. The fish use their teeth to crush nuts and seeds in their native habitat, however, after introducing into a new habitat lacking the suitable vegetation for survival, Pacus turn from herbivore to omnivore, converting their nuts-chombing ability into balls-chombing ability.

Ball-cuter's teeth (resembles human's teeth)

Pachus are relatives to the piranha, this explains their ability to "chomb" off their preys (including men's testicles). So guys, before going for a swim in the wild, make sure there isn’t any Ball-cutters looming out there, or else, put on your armor as you swim, I bet you wouldn’t want a 40pounds Ball-cutter going after you!

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